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Terms and Conditions

This document specifies the terms of the contract and the agreement of use between Jorbox.com (Jorbox, us, us, our own), and the Customer (User, Customer, You, You, Your).
By using any of our services you agree to these terms, so please read them carefully.

Account eligibility:
By registering or using any of our services you acknowledge and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. The services offered are 18 years of age and more. Subscribing to these services for under 18 years is a violation of the usage agreement.
You are responsible for providing us with correct, accurate and up-to-date data at the time of registration, including e-mail so that we can communicate with you in the event of any problem or abuse.

Account Security:
Your connection to the Jorbox.com site is encrypted and secure using HTTPS to protect sensitive information sent over the Internet, so no one other than the specified receiver will be able to read it.
Modifying your personal account or some of its important information may require confirmation by SMS or phone calls.
When you complete the registration process at the Jorbox.com website, you will receive a message containing your account password. Keeping your account information confidential and safe is your first and last responsibility. You are also fully responsible for any activities that occur through your account. Any unauthorized access to your account or any account penetration, Jorbox.com is not obligated to compensate for any losses resulting from the failure to achieve this item.

Transfer to Jorbox.com:
We do not guarantee the validity or availability of the site’s work or estimated time to complete the transfer. Each hosting company is configured differently and some of them reserve data and backups on a custom or non-specific basis. Compatible with general standards, which makes the transfer process very difficult if some data are not available.
In some cases, we are unable to help you with the transition from your old host.
The transport service is free for the first time only, then it is paid service and at a fixed cost.
The final responsibility rests with the customer to ensure that the site is functioning properly after the transfer is completed and tests it for possible errors.

Jorbox.com provides a control panel for integrated Arabic / English domains with the client account on Jorbox.com.
We do not offer any free domains within any of our services.
We register the domain through other international service providers, the registered domains are non-refundable, changeable or canceled, and any value of the domains will be deducted from the amount paid in the case of the request for retrieval.
You will receive alerts to remind you of the expiration date and the remaining period until it expires and invite you to renew your domain to avoid losing it.
If the domain is not renewed during the grace period it is suspended from work and the visitor may be redirected to a default page that shows that the site is not working and the page may also display some ads.
We are committed to providing the transfer code to any customer requesting to move to another domain registrar at any time. This order must be made through our customer support ticket through our registered account.
You have the right to renew your domain within the grace period of up to 30 days from the date your domain expires.
You acknowledge and agree that when the domain expires, it may be made available for public registration by the domain registrar.
We are committed to protecting your account and its domains against unauthorized changes, in some cases, we may need to confirm your identity to complete the transfer or change the owner account for the domain.

Shared hosting and virtual servers:
We are committed to maintaining and resolving any technical problems related to our servers. We do not offer free technical support for the site with its code, templates, content management systems, and additions.
Jorbox.com reserves the right to block or discontinue any services that prove its use or implicate its IP address in any illegal activities such as SPAM, DDoS attacks.
Sites and file storage centers are not allowed on shared hosting plans.
Torrent software is not allowed to run on shared hosting plans.
Jorbox.com reserves the right to stop all websites and hosting services for scheduled maintenance and updates to ensure the highest quality of service provided.
You agree that the resources of the hosting services are limited by the limitations of the physical technology and the nature of any resource sharing service. The user must be aware that the server technology specifies the resources that your site may use, including but not limited to (processor, memory size, Disk space).
It is strictly prohibited to use scripts (IRC, Proxy, SSH, Telnet) or any other scripts that may be highly stressful to the server due to their software nature or if there is a bug in their code. If any software is found to drain server resources we may ask the client to remove them We have the right to delete it without prior warning and the service or account may be blocked for review.
We provide specific resources for hosting services. If these resources are consumed or skipped, the site may be shut down automatically or manually and you will have to upgrade to a higher hosting plan that suits your site requirements.
Shared hosting plans specific 30-minute process processes.
In Jorbox.com we use iNodes to determine the number of files per shared hosting plan which is 200,000 files.

Backup :
Jorbox.com offers clients backup service in the control panel manually, this service uses the servers resources to generate a backup after the user request and store it on the users website folder.
This backup manual service is offered to free hosting customers as an added value to our customers and we reserve the right to store their websites or download it anytime.
Jorbox.com is not responsible for any loss of data or information, protecting and saving data Customer’s responsibility first and lastly and we do not bear any losses resulting from the loss of part or all of the data for the hosted sites.

Billing and Refund:
Domains: Any domains that are booked and registered are non-cancellable, changeable or refunded after the activation process, and any value for the ranges will be deducted from the amount of the refunds in case of a refund request.
Licenses: but not limited to (WHMCS, cPanel, vBulletin, …..) are non-refundable.
Shared Hosting: Jorbox.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee from participating in any shared hosting plans and virtual servers only.
Refunds are available for the first order and only new accounts are eligible for refunds. For example, if you have an account with us and you cancel it and you open a new account or another account, you will not have access to any services that you have purchased.
We do not offer 30 days money back up for the monthly subscription, instead, we offer 7 days to try the service and decide whether to continue or not.
You should contact the technical support team if you have any problem with the service provided to you before requesting any cancellation or refund.
The refund does not include any administrative fees, technical support services, setup, and configuration fees, nor does it include the cost of licenses for all types of servers.
Any refund or cancellation requests must be made through our ticketing system.
Accounts blocked as a result of a Terms of Service violation are not eligible to recover the value of any services.
Fees may be charged for amounts refunded through certain means of payment (but not limited to bank transfers and Western Union) and will be deducted from the refund amount.

Restricted content and activities:
It is prohibited to post or circulate any content that violates the law of any country or local legislation.
Pornographic or adult content and any content that infringes intellectual property rights are prohibited.
Sites dedicated to the discussion of hacking activities, phishing, and counterfeiting, or distribution of software and penetration tools are prohibited.
Jorbox.com Services is strictly prohibited from any activities that may cause disruption of service or damage to our servers or any networks or servers of other companies, including but not limited to (DDOS Attacks) or other malicious software.
It is prohibited to use the services of Jorbox.com in sites promoting drugs, weapons and gambling services.
It is prohibited to use any software/codes for the purpose of depleting the server resources and harming the sites hosted on it.
It is prohibited to use the services of Jorbox.com in sites containing hate speech and racism.
It is strictly forbidden to use the services of Jorbox.com in any sites that harm religions in any way.
It is prohibited to use the services of Jorbox.com for sites of songs, movies, serials, video and audio chat, or sites that rely on the system of communication via the webcam.

Termination of contract and closure of account:
Jorbox.com reserves the right to terminate any account that is implicated in any prohibited activity at any time (with or without) prior notice to the Customer and, in the circumstances, Jorbox.com may communicate with and cooperate fully with the law enforcement authorities.
Jorbox.com is committed to respecting the customer during any interactions between them and the employees of the company, insulting any employee of the company may lead to the prohibition of your account and we have the right to take any legal action against you.
Jorbox.com reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement at any time.

You should periodically review this Agreement to identify changes